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Were you injured by a negligent driver?

Motorcycles offer an abundance of thrills and savings on gas mileage. As a motorcyclist, you will also be faced with a number of dangers because of the little protection offered by this type of vehicle. A motorcycle is fast, small, and difficult to see by other vehicles. Motorcycle accidents are notoriously one of the most fatal types of accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

When a motor vehicle driver acts in a negligent manner and causes an accident with the motorcycle, serious injuries are often suffered by the rider. Helmets and other types of safety gear do little for riders who are hit by larger vehicles. Serious injuries, including head and spinal cord injuries frequently result. In some cases, victims require major surgeries and rehabilitation.

Common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents include:

Recovering Damages

The costs of treatment, medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses can be very high. It is essential to pursue compensation for the damages that you have suffered. At the Law Offices of Craig A. Edmonston, our personal injury attorney can provide you with quality legal guidance and assistance for each step of your case. Our firm is very responsive to our clients' needs and requests, so call us today!

Hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you obtain maximum recovery for your motorcycle injury claim is an important decision. You may be entitled to recover money for a wide range of damages, including pain and suffering, medical bills, lost earnings, and property damage.

We are dedicated to helping accident victims throughout Bakersfield, California and surrounding areas who need aggressive legal guidance as they pursue compensation. If you have suffered injury, do not hesitate to contact us!

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