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  • What Types of Injuries Qualify Me for an Injury Claim?
    Here in the United States, many people are injured every day from things like car accidents, bicycle accidents, and medical malpractice. Thankfully, these victims typically have the right to pursue ...
  • What is MMI?
    In many personal injury suits, especially ones in which catastrophic trauma occurred, the concept of MMI is extremely important. Maximum Medical Improvement MMI stands for "maximum medical ...
  • What Is My Injury Case Worth?
    One of the most common questions we hear after a client has been injured in the Bakersfield area is what kind of compensation the injured party is eligible to recover following an accident. The worth ...
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  • Truck Accidents: Who Is Responsible?
    Commercial trucks can cause devastating accidents on the road that threaten not only the well-being of other motorists, but sometimes even their lives. In the aftermath, sometimes legal action is ...
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