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What Types of Injuries Qualify Me for an Injury Claim?

Here in the United States, many people are injured every day from things like car accidents, bicycle accidents, and medical malpractice. Thankfully, these victims typically have the right to pursue damages, in the form of financial compensation. This can help them cover medical expenses, rehabilitation, loss of income and more.

However, many people are unclear on what types of injuries are, and are not, eligible for a personal injury claim. In California, you can actually file a personal injury suit for even the most minor injuries (although it may not be worth it to do so!)

Physical Injuries

Most personal injury suits are focused primarily on physical injuries, and with good reason. For an experienced Bakersfield personal injury lawyer, it is usually fairly simple to demonstrate how severe injuries will have a life-altering impact for the victim. Although major claims usually involve injuries like broken bones or traumatic brain injury, you can file a claim for any of the following:

  • Whiplash/neck stiffness
  • Muscle sprains/strains
  • Back pain or stiffness
  • Cuts and bruises

For seemingly minor accidents, many people choose to simply deal with the pain or injury until it goes away. However, many of the injuries listed above can seem minor at first, but develop into serious conditions later on. It is crucial to visit a doctor immediately after an accident if you are experiencing even minor pain or discomfort

Mental & Emotional Injuries

California is one of just a few states that no longer requires physical injuries to prove that mental and emotional injury occurred. In some serious car accidents, a driver or passenger will luckily escape without any serious physical injury. However, the memory of the accident can haunt them, causing issues like insomnia, lack of appetite, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Should I File a Claim?

If you're feeling pain or discomfort after an accident, especially a car accident, there are two things you should always do – you should see a doctor immediately, and you should schedule a consultation with a Bakersfield personal injury attorney. In a free initial consultation, our attorney can learn the details of your case, and can help you learn about the best options available to you.

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