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What is MMI?

In many personal injury suits, especially ones in which catastrophic trauma occurred, the concept of MMI is extremely important.

Maximum Medical Improvement

MMI stands for "maximum medical improvement" and it is a concept that is key to recovering compensation that truly covers an injury victim's needs following their accident.

Who Determines MMI?

When an injury victim is seriously harmed and it is likely that they will need ongoing medical care or other needs—even after a potential trial or settlement—MMI allows for counsel, doctors, and loved ones to accurately predict what expenses will be. To do this, doctors will determine the optimal amount of recovery a patient will achieve following their injury. This point in the victim's recovery is called maximum medical improvement.

Note that "optimal" is the key word here. MMI does not mean that the victim is fully recovered. In these cases, there can be lasting effects that need to be considered and incorporated into the relief pursued by the injury suit. Determining MMI can take patience and doctors and counsel must both be vigilant of the patient's recovery process following their accident.

Filing suit before MMI is determined can result in:

  • Awarded compensation that does not cover ongoing medical bills
  • Awarded compensation that does not cover foreseeable complications
  • A legal effort that is not informed by the full breadth of the victim's injury

Trust in Medical Professionals

MMI can become a contentious issue if the defendant's own medical experts wish to become involved. If they know that they will end up paying some kind of compensation in an injury suit, defendants will want to declare MMI as soon possible and avoid paying for expenses that can be reasonably predicted by other trusted medical professionals.

That is why it so important to rely on medical professionals who truly have the victim's well-being in mind. Even if a client does not have regular access to medical treatment or insurance, the Law Offices of Craig A. Edmonston can recommend several facilities that can provide care. No payment for this care will be necessary until the outcome of their personal injury suit.

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